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Monday, December 20, 2010

Herbman Shimmy Hpcabral is wishing for

is wishing for that (1) one weekend night people in AC will listen and dance to a different groove other than top 40 radio hits. That is a wish well meant... calling all househeads, let's rally for this... :-))
December 13 at 11:34pm

Koji Manabat let's do this!
December 13 at 11:38pm

Bags Acebedo I too wish that sax DJs will play more deep house music on saturdays rather than those rap, pop music we often hear on radios. :)
December 13 at 11:41pm

Donny Elvina Let's make it happen bro!!!??? A mansion special???? :)
December 13 at 11:51pm

Donny Elvina Out door in door???
December 13 at 11:51pm

Herbman Shimmy Hpcabral koji, yeah let's...! @donny: pwede rin outdoor maiba naman. by the enclave pool? kaso malamig.. @bags, great to know you support this...!
December 14 at 12:02am

Donny Elvina Let's do this bro!!!!
December 14 at 12:04am via Facebook Mobile

Udjamp Pampanga how i wish na theyll dance din padre sa crunk at downsouth... hindi puro top 40 na commercial rnb and hiphop din! :( NO TO COMMERCIAL ISH! lol :)
December 14 at 2:49am

Koji Manabat hell yeah! fuck the mainstream! hehe!
December 14 at 4:59am

Clifford Cosey Caritativo your the dj make it happen
December 14 at 9:49am

Manolito Dioquino we need to introduce some vocal house padre..konting pukpok lng yan sa mga partee pips hehehe..we can do it padre.
December 14 at 6:10pm

Myra de Jesus ansarap po cguro ng party party.....buti pa kayo...sali naman ako diyan..........
December 15 at 8:47am

Herbman Shimmy Hpcabral dj manolito! how are you padre.. syempre vocal house tayo. bone may crunk dito... crazy and drunk... @boo yup trying to make it happen with a lot of your help too through your radio @myra: welcome to angeles city, the city of angels.... and devils... :-))
December 15 at 11:40am

Udjamp Pampanga hahahaha! dami ko tawa sa definition mo ng crunk padre! mismo! :)
December 16 at 1:09am

Udjamp Pampanga sbagay yan talga meaning niyan... pero dito iba meaning nyan pertaining to a kind of music na gusto ng egoy! lol :)
December 16 at 1:12am

Herbman Shimmy Hpcabral yes padre. it's a fusion of electronic music and analog hiphop drums. pwedeng chicago style soul or southern funk.
December 16 at 1:26pm

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