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Saturday, January 15, 2011

web casting live video

I will be doing a test webcast at Hacienda Superclub to night. Going to try to fix the sound to come out nice on the webcast. SATURDAYS with DJ SLICKJAY of team Switch,Tabu and Manor superclub.....MC Mackmillion....DJ Tholits. see you all at Hacienda to night. (this was my Status up date at Facebook on the 15/1/2011)

Web casting live video at Hacienda Superclub last night did not go to will the internet keep on getting disconnected cause of the bass rocking the power off the power socket. But all and all it was a good night i got some good photos of it and the sound did come out OK just need to work on the video to come out OK. May be when Hacienda fix the power socket for the router i will be able to get it right cause it work OK here at my house

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