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Monday, December 27, 2010

Denon DN-S3700 Vs Numark V7 Vs Pioneer CDJ-2000

This are the 3 new DJ's equipment that DJ's are talking about when it comes to DJ equipment in the market. So let as take a good look at all 3 of them and see witch one you would buy for your money.
Denon DN-S3700 or Numark V7 or Pioneer CDJ-2000

DN-S3700 Digital Media TurntableDenon DN-S3700 is the new Direct Drive Turntable Media Player & Controller by Denon

Weight: 20 pounds
Price: $800.00 or more

This has got all a DJ's need

Denon DN-S3700 Features
High Torque Direct Drive spinning platter
USB device hosting and MIDI interface controlInternal 24-bit processing and USB audio.
Built-in effectsWaveform display with multi-line text and icon.
3 hot starts, auto loop and manual loop functionality3 platter effects: Brake, Dump, ReverseDeep pitch resolution & key adjustMemo function4-way BPM counterDirectional
can play CD

Numark V7 Motorized Turntable Software ControllerNumark V7 Motorized Turntable Software Controller

Price: $500. or more
Weight: 22.5 pounds

this don't play CD's but i don't use CD's any way.
The V7 has all the FX in it that you would find on the high end mixer

Numark V7  Features
High-resolution turntable software controller
Direct-drive, motorized turntable platter with high and low-torque settings
Includes Serato ITCH software, compatible with Serato Scratch LIVE libraries
Works with all DJ mixers for custom system configuration
Extensive loop, cue, and track-access controls
Strip Search virtual needle-drop control
Complete effects controls for audio manipulation
Premium, rugged, all-metal construction with high-end knobs and buttons
Audiophile-grade audio circuitry with line inputs, system and cue outs
Industry-first handoff between two DJs using two different computers for up to four virtual decks
Link two V7s together or use a single unit to control two decks

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multi PlayerPioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multi Player

Weight: 15.4 pounds
Price: $1,700 or more

what i don't like on it is it don't have a
Direct-drive, motorized turntable platter
and it's Price

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Features
SD and USB Ports Removable Storage Device Player Audio and MP3 CDs Supported Large 6.1" LCD Display MIDI Assignable Controllers
Multi Format Playback - The CDJ-2000 enables playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD,DVD-ROM, SD card and USB memory devices.
Pro DJ Link - New Pioneer Pro DJ Link that enables up to four CDJ-2000/900s to beconnected and share a single music source.
6.1” Full Color LCD panel and Graphic User Interface - For displaying song titles, jacket art as well as detailed track information and wave form display of each song so DJs can find informatio nneeded to select a song at a glance.
Needle Search - Helps DJs instantaneously get to a specific part of a song with a simple touch of the Needle Search pad.

Cant w8 to see if Technics will make a new Turntable Software Controller like this 3.
But me i would buy the Denon DN-S3700 or Numark V7  but if Pioneer gives me 1of there CDJ-2000
i would take it cause it is a good equipment just don't like the Price

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